Mouse-over Transitions
Mouse over transitions
Photoshop Before and After

Before and After

Airplane Maze - Action Script
Airplane Maze
Android Mobile Phone Game
Billards game for Android
"Adobe XD Prototype"
Adobe XD prototype
Shockwave - 3D The Chartreux
Requires Flash - Desktop Only

HTML Canvas Pencil Tween HTML Canvas Tween

Alexander Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle 1

Newtons 3 Laws of Motion
Newtons Laws
Alex Travels The Middle East
Alex in the Middle East
Irene Visits BayTerrace
Alex in the Middle East
Scruffy Goes For A Walk
Ken's dog Scruffy

Class rotoscope
Adobe Flash On HTML5 Canvas
Ken's dog Scruffy
Example C# Deployment of
    a Rainbow Background  
C# Deployment of a Rainbow background
Day Shadows - Night Sky
Day Night Animation
Photoshop GIF

Alex in playhouse
3 Part Banner
Class - Moving Mask
Class mask
Mask - Rotating Globe
City Scape - Action Script
Demonstrates Masking and Animation
Ring - 3D Animation

Obstacle Jump Game Obstacle game
Android Mobile Phone Rotating Ring Requiring AIR
Adobe Integrated Runtime App Required
Jim Bahamas - Flash
Overlay - Illustrator
3D Postcard - Photoshop
Flash - Panorama
Nellie Babs Morph

Horsehead Nebula
Tarantula Nebula
Mars - Iberus Vallis
Andromeda Galaxy
Crab Nebula
Helix Nebula
Eta Carinae Nebula
Eagle Nebula